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A long distance move of personal effects, furniture or a car from one continent to another can be sometimes unsafe for your property. Personal items require special attention during the transportation for many reasons:

  • Your things may possess a sentimental value; their loss would be difficult to fill. Favourite and familiar furniture, toys, books, photo albums, all that recollections, you do not want to suddenly lose them.
  • Your things are diverse, often non-standard shape; each item requires an individual package and a special type of packaging material and vehicles.
  • Exportation and importation of goods are subject to customs legislation of the country of departure and arrival, all necessary documents has to be prepared correctly and on time. Otherwise, your stuff may be delayed, destroyed or returned to your original Address at your expense.
  • It is very important to engage the right movers to USA that will choose an adequate type of transportation and accurately calculate the transit time so the delay does not thwarts your personal plans.

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The professional movers should not leave to you to determine the volume of exported items. In fact this is one of the most important things that need to be done to provide you with an accurate costs. Depends on the type of service you decide to take they will advise you on the preparation of the documents required for the customs formalities, the packaging process, terms and conditions of the move. To compare movers make sure each company bids based on the same requirements.

If you are moving the entire content of your two or three bedroom house it is advisable to arrange a meeting with the representative of each company. The survey is usually free of charge and will allow you to speak with movers to USA face to face. In the end of the day you are going to entrust your valuables to totally unknown people.

If you have any items that may be of cultural and historical value that you intend to export to USA ask your mover to take a few pictures of them and get appropriate licence from the Cultural Heritage Inspectorate.

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Once you have chosen your mover, at the appointed date, usually one or two days prior to the move, their team of packers starts the international packing of personal property and household equipment. For the customs purposes it is required that your moving company make an inventory list for each box and attach it to it.

Moving companies to USADepends on the transport method your property will be loaded into a container, truck, send to the airport or to the sea port.

Throughout the entire shipping process, your International moving company to USA should stay in touch with you all the time informing you about the progress of the transport.  Finally once your cargo has reached the port of entry, your things are going through the custom clearance and the quarantine if applicable.  

All documents should be prepared in advance, so the process of customs clearance takes no more than a few hours. Next your cargo is collected by contracted moving companies in USA and taken to the new location, fully unpacked, furniture assembled.

If you have not found a new home, your mover to United States can put your gear on the short-term or long-term storage in their warehouse and help you with finding a reliable estate agent.

Moving Services

Most movers cooperate with a wide range of leaders abroad in the field of moving services, who are experienced in moving door-to-door from UK to USA. The moving services offered include:

  • Compare moving services and movers to USAMoving services to more than 50 countries including - USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, UAE and many more
  • help with wrapping and packing
  • Moving furniture, boxes, cars and motorbikes, full and shared container services
  • professional help in moving cultural values
  • shipping a dog to USA, moving pets
  • experts in customs clearance
  • agents from the major international insurance companies
  • exportation of household stuff
  • tailor-made moving to USA from the UK for all private and business clients

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How to move to USA from UK?

You and your family can have thousand of good reasons to relocate to USA. Unfortunately every move can be stressful, but if you are in a new place surrounded by your favourite things the adaptation process is much faster and easier.

Our expertise and experience allow us to move your personal property, door to door, in any quantity from every location in the United Kingdom to any address in the United States, be it moving to Phoenix or Chicago. We can also take care of the transportation of your pet, including the vaccination and quarantine issues.

How to move from the UK to the United States of AmericaRelocation is not just moving a house, your furniture and other items to another city or changing work. It requires to leave all your old, school friends, the greater part of your relatives and first and foremost your home country. It requires the adaptation of the entire family to a new life, new culture, new principles, new place, and new system and new everything. And yet this new environment means another kindergarten and school for your children.

Apart from that if you are the head of the family you will have to organize everything by yourself and help everyone else to solve every single problem. Contact us now if you are looking for useful guide on moving to USA from the UK.

And this is where, in this hard time for you, we can become your best friend. We are the specialists who help people in moving to USA. Our relocation company offers a unique set of services designed to assist you during the entire moving process. We offer individually tailored help and support from the start to finish, so that you feel comfortable. Just have a look at the range of our services and cheer up!

Relocation services

Relocation to USAResettlement Services:

  • Free consultation
  • Organizing the physical relocation of your property – free estimator visit in your house to assess the scope of work and the move volume, boxes supply, packing services, custom clearance, free duty calculation, and all major activities related to shipping to USA from UK
  • Advice and help with choosing the best place to relocate to
  • Help with getting a temporary accommodation
  • Finding a school for your children
  • Information about the local job offers

Immigration and Visa application services:

  • Moving to USAAbility to obtain USA visa and work permit free assessment
  • Passport information
  • Second citizenship 
  • Permanent visa programmes for individuals and families
  • Visitor visas
  • Business relocation and investor visas
  • Pensioner visa
  • Other visa types

Financial Services:

  • Choosing a bank that meets your needs
  • Help with opening a personal bank account
  • Money transfers with favourable exchange rates
  • Moving your pension to America
  • Advice on opening of a commercial account
  • Finding the cheapest mortgage

Buying house services:

  • Free advice on real estate investment
  • Average house prices research and house for sale offers from the local market
  • Finding the right house
  • Best mortgage offers and advice

Relocating to the United States

The first thing to consider when relocating to the United States from Great Britain is to answer the following questions, how am I going to move and how to obtain all relevant documents? Of course, you have read a lot of information and visited plenty of websites. But in the end you will need someone to help you choose the correct type of visa. You need to decide on a range of issues and find out some answers: why do you want to move to America, what are you going to do and how much will the relocation cost you? There are different ways of getting the entrance pass. Relocating from UK to Amerika - help and tipsAre you a student? Or you are moving there to find a good job? Maybe you are not planning to stay long and all you need is just the tourist permit? Do you have friends in U.S. or relatives that can invite you? Or maybe you are looking for a US company to offer you the position of your dreams? Are you planning UK to Dallas removals? Contact relocation managers to give you a few tips. We offer a free consultation with no obligation! There are plenty of relocation services just to suit your needs.

The next important questions are: What’s the procedure? What documents do I need to fill out? What do I have to do to pass the evaluation stage? This can be accomplished in very different variations. You can simple submit the documents to the embassy, ​​complete the questionnaire online, arrange an interview in the office, etc. If all documents have been prepared and filled out properly, and if they have been accepted, you will be invited for an interview to the embassy. And again what sort of questions you can expect? With our help we get you prepared for every die-hard-situation. Our moving services include interview preparation courses.

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At the third stage you will have to decide how to move to the United States?  You will have to choose the city to which you want to go. If you have friend or family that have relocated to America long time ago you should not have any problem with this. You will probably decide to live in the same state as they do. Even if you do not like the place where they live, in the future you will be able to move to another location, remember that the primary goal is simply to find a way to relocate to The United States. Of course, there are other options and you do not have to necessarily seek for help from your distant relatives and friends. If you are a student, it is possible to move to the U.S. for various programs. You can contact of for a moving guide which provides plenty of useful information and will help you to choose the best way to emigrate from the UK.

Relocating fully informed

The fifth point is to get some information about the living costs in the USA. Try to explore the area of your choice and save the contact number for the real estate agents, banks, schools, doctors and job centres.

The sixth stage is to pass the health tests. Many workers that have moved to the United States have to be in perfect health condition. For some types of visas require passing a complex medical examination.

Relocation and moving servicesThe seventh step is to get the visa after a successful interview and buy a plane ticket. The sooner you do it the cheaper your move will be. At this point you can also contact our removal company to USA to get a free quote for the transfer of your belonging over.

Who will be your new neighbours? Where will your children learn? Where will you go shopping? Can you find everything you need at local supermarkets? All these questions are asked by thousands of families every day. Our local and cheap moving services to USA will definitely make your relocation much easier. We will answer all questions you may have, organize all formalities for you and help you and your family to adapt to the new live comfortably and with no stress.

Ask one of our relocation managers for available immigration programs. We are your best choice and the best way to get a lot of information about How to relocate to USA from the UK in a short time.