How to ship a dog to the USA?

When you have a dog especially a good-looking and friendly one, there is this kind of strong attachment that makes it almost impossible to get separated from it. You take it to work, to the mall, to class and to so many places you go to, treating it like a son or daughter you never had. When there is a need for that long distance travel, you might have to go through the process of shipping to get it across with you.

There are several other reasons why you might want to ship your dog to the USA. If you are into dog rearing business, you will be persistently engaged in the shipping of dogs. When you purchase a new dog, shipping process will also be required to get it to your home. So you see, once you a lover of dogs or in one way or the other associated with them, you have to know all about how to ship a dog. You cannot do it the same way when you are shipping excess baggage from UK.

Getting a carrier for shipping dog overseas

International dog transportationUnlike in some other shipping projects, it is always better to get carriers or transporters for the shipping before you turn your attention to your dog. The reason is very obvious. While some transporters will allow your dog just be on chains, some others will prefer it being in a kennel throughout the journey. The restrictions and regulations are not always the same for every carrier. So before you begin to bother your dog with those preparatory measures, make sure they are what the transporters require from you. Once your are looking for reputable company offering removal service, check if they offer pet shipping services.

Weather regulations are another factor that can affect your choice of a carrier. They have strict rules guiding their services in this aspect. A majority of them who travel by air will not agree to ship your dog when the weather is either too hot or cold. Your transporters’ transit speed is also another important factor to consider. If you are doing this for business purpose, you have to ensure their speed will not lead to your disappointing your clients. Depending on the remotness of the destination location, shipping companies could offer air service or road services using motor vehicles and cars.

After a thorough study of different quotations from different transporters, considering all these as well as the price, you can have a one on one meeting with some of their agents and make other inquiries you might deem necessary before making a final decision. If you are shipping goods to USA from the UK and looking also for the company that can offer safe transportation of a dog to the USA, you should contact us today. We offer comprehensive services.

Preparing the dog for international transport

Before embarking on a journey, you prepare for it right? Then, so should your dog do when about to be shipped. You do not need to be told that your dog need to look neat, nice and friendly to mix up with people on the plane, in the train or whatever means of shipping to USA you have opted to go for. Even if your transporters will have to give it attention because you paid for it, do not forget that you understand it better than itself and should know what turns it on and what gets it goat.

Your dog is not like shipping baggage to Los Angeles or Philadelphia that remains wherever you place it till the end of a journey. It has its own wants and attractions and pursues them without your permission. Before making it go through a shipping process, the following things must be put in place:

  • Buy a travel kennel for your dog
    When preparing your dog for shipping to the USA, one thing you have to remember is that it is a living being, has its own brain and can make its own decisions no matter how poor it might turn out to be. If you have been with it for a long time, then I guess it sees you as a master or mistress whose wish is its command. But as an animal it is, it can give you a hard time once in a while and those in that plane, ship or train might not fancy it. Some people do not like dogs. This, your transporters are aware of and would likely request you devise a means of keeping it at bay while on transit. Getting a travel kennel large enough to accommodate the dog, some toys (if allowed), food and water is your best bet.
  • Take your dog for some medical examination
    There are a thousand and one reasons why your dog needs to be healthy before being shipped. Apart from prevention of diseases which might be initiated through bites, so many governments require this to ensure the safety of their own species. In addition, before you can purchase a well funded insurance for your dog, it needs to be healthy. Therefore, take your dog to your veterinary doctor and let it be medically examined. Let all infections be treated and let it be given all the necessary routine shots. Note that this should be done not more than 10 days before the shipping.
  • Update your dog papers
    You might be residing in an area where dog papers are of no importance to dog owners or the government but, right now, your dog is either getting a new residence either on a temporary or a permanent basis. You have to make that available. Most transporters, if not all, will not register your dog for shipping if you present outdated documents or present none at all. Your veterinary doctor can equally do this for you. This is also a perfect opportunity to find out if there would be any need for the use of sedative drugs on your dog during the trip.

    NOTE - Sedatives are harmful to the body system of dog. A lot of dog death cases have been traced down to the use of sedative drugs. It reduces their ability to regulate their body temperature and this exposes them to harmful weather conditions.
  • Prepare a collar and tag for your dog
    Tags are very necessary when shipping whatever kind of item, be it perishable or non-perishable, living or non-living. It is the best way not to loose track of the identity and ownership of an item on transit. For a dog, it is even more necessary considering the fact that they can move from place to place if given the slightest opportunity, unlike your electronics that remain as you left them to they get to their destination. Your dog will likely not be the only one to be shipped and will therefore require a clear tag on it to be recognized in the pack. Even if you guys are taking a crate-less flight where you can have your dog beside you, remember that the dog doesn’t think the way you do. It can take off to wherever that pleases it out of excitement on arriving at its new home. Then a tag will come into play and become you last resort to finding it. On the tag should be its name, your name, your address and telephone number.
  • Get your dog used to new abilities necessary for the journey
    If you are shipping your dog by air to USA, there is a possibility you will have to pay for an extra seat for it. This is usually the case in crate-less flights. If it is not accustomed to sitting in your car while you drive, then you will be in for war on that day. You should start right now to teach it this by taking it with you on a ride once in a while. Study its behaviour, what keeps it calm and what makes it misbehave.

Shipping your dog to the USA

While on transit, there is still work to be done for your dog. If you really love or value your dog, then much of your attention should go to it during the trip. Some people leave everything to the transporters to handle only to get to their destination and begin to complain about the condition of their dog. A little more care and attention from you can be the reason why it will not develop a cold in the process. Do not count on the reliability of your transporters and loose your dog.

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Shipping dog to the USAThere are lot of way by which you can help out with the welfare of your dog during its shipping. For instance, suppose it has a particular medication it should be taking at intervals during the trip, as recommended by your veterinary doctor, your transporters might not remember. Do well to remind them. It will not be nice to ship your dog in good health condition and it is delivered in a poor health condition.

Some of the UK to USA dog shipping companies are kind enough to provide their client’s dogs with food and water throughout the duration of their trip. If you are privileged to get one for your dog shipping, let them know what kind of food and water it like or is recommended by your veterinary doctor. Alert your transporters on any negative changes you observe on your dog. Remember, you understand it more than they do.

Shipping your dog with insurance is very optional but recommended. It is the best way to ensure you are not loosing it. Get a fully funded insurance from a reputable insurance company.