Type of boxes

  1. Book boxes
  2. Clothing boxes
  3. Wardrobe boxes
  4. Non-standard cartons

Shipping boxes

The offer includes various kinds of cartons that in a great manner facilitate the packing of items and preparing them for transport, shipping, etc.

Also commonly referred to boxes, cartons can be used in many ways, each time providing an adequate level of comfort and satisfaction with the high quality of all products.

Our offer is so wide that the boxes available should meet all your needs, as they vary in features and appearance, they also have different dimensions.

In the event that an interesting product on offer does not exists, it can be ordered via a special order option. Of course there are many discount waiting for you - available on a package or larger quantity orders. 

For example we have white cardboard boxes for sale , which are characterized by high level of elegance and fit perfectly for gifts or documents. Their different sizes and styles (there are for instance die-cut) give a large choice. We also offer boxes for shipping to USA , which take the shape of a cube or rectangle and have different dimensions in order to easily accommodate such items like computers, TV, books, different clothes etc..

Our cartons are durable and more resistant to all kinds of external factors. We have specially prepared boxes in standard sizes A3, A4 and A5. So you can plan in advance what products will be stored in these boxes, so as they preserve their shape and quality. The specific type of products offered by us are boxes with flaps - one of the most common types of shipping boxes, certainly very comfortable. With the choice of the specific dimensions and the thickness of a box, you can guarantee the quality of the transfer or transportation of various goods in shorter or longer distances.

Flap cartons are characterized by a very solid closure - special parts which can be, for example, glued or sealed.  In our offer you can also find boxes that have been designed for moving a particular items - small, large, medium, oblong, flat and bulk. You can preview the exact dimensions and appearance of each box. If you have special requirements, you can also choose  boxes made ​​of a very strong cardboard. It is, for example, five-layer cardboard or fabric with a thickness and strength of 650gr.

We also recommend folding boxes - with secure flaps, elegant and sufficient, perfect for storing, sending goods or packing all kinds of gifts.

For each type of carton the most important is its size. Details on this topic can be found in the description of each product, making it easy to choose the one that best meets your requirements. When choosing boxes you should also focus on the type of the board they have been made of. The number of walls, linerboards and the grammage (should be above 224 g/m²) will tell you whether the box will be strong enough to carry what you want.

The boxes are available in two different colours such as white and standard cardboard brown. Regardles of the destination, be it removals to San Diego from UK, we can offer full service including packing supply and packing services.

We also make custom boxes!