Shipping container to USA

We offer a huge range of services including full container shipping from UK to USA. Apart from the full container shipments we also offer marine cargo moves (LCL). We work with a large group of ship-owners and shipping agents, so we can send any type of equipment in all directions of the world - including the Far and Middle East, the USA, Canada and countries of the Mediterranean Basin. 

The main advantage of shipping container by sea is relatively low cost compared with other means of international transport. 

On our site you can compare for free container shipping costs from UK to USA. The service we provide is with on obligation and the quotes can be requested at any time.

global reach of maritime container shipping

Container shipping to USA

To ensure the complete comfort for our customers we are providing the door-to-door delivery service of shipped containers, moving them directly from the sender to the door of the recipient. Of course we like to stay flexible and on request we can provide port to port or door to port solution. We also offer competitive terms and conditions of carriage and affordable freight rates, as they are negotiated each time based on the volume of shipments. We care about the proper course of services at all stages of your shipment.  A designated employee of our company shall ensure that the execution of the order goes smoothly and will keep you informed on the delivery progress. You can also contact us at any time and find out information about your load, be it furniture removals to Dallas or car export.

Container shipping services:

  • Regular groupage lines (LCL) from United Kingdom to the United States of America
  • the use of container terminals in Liverpool, London, Southampton, Felixstowe, Glasgow and other European ports
  • booking seats on board (subject to availability and sea line)
  • preparing the necessary documentation
  • container customs clearance
  • operations in all ports: warehousing, container storage, packaging, packing, shipping goods, handling the organization, preparation and planning
  • formalities associated with the release of the full shipping container or consignment
  • collection of containers from the port and overland transport to the customer's warehouse or house
  • shipping container to USA insurance for loading, transport and delivery
  • baggage transport
  • Professional consulting and top logistics solutions – how to ship container to United Stated?
  • Shipping 40 ft container to USA
Shipping container type capacity 
the width of 
the door [mm]
the height of 
the door [mm]
inner length [mm] inner width [mm] inner height [mm]
20 'Standard 1140.7 21687 2,305 2,276 5,918 2,330 2,356
40 'Standard 2362.6 26380 2,330 2,278 12015 2,330 2,389
40 'High Cube 2705.1 26040 2,339 2,591 12033 2,350 2,700
20 'insulated reefer 939.37 18152 2,235 2,070 5,677 2,236 2,077
20 'non-insulated reefer 988.8 20440 2,270 2,222 5,480  2,248 2,247
20 'Open Top 1140.7 18140 2,318 2,273 5,885  2,319 2,366
40 'Open Top 2355.5 26530 2,335 2,287 12017 2,333 2,318
20 'Flat Rack 1147.7 21100 - - 5,900 2,397 2,303
40 'Flat Rack 2295.5 26280 - - 12035 2,335 2,315


Quality of moves in containers

The high quality of services provided is our top priority, which is why we attach utmost importance to our customer and continually strive to improve our UK to USA container shipping processes and procedures within our organization. Today, the quality is above all punctuality, reliability, competence, effective communication and effective method statements. We focus on innovations and developments, because it is a guarantee that the container transport service will continue to play an important role as our core business. Check more info on shipping to USA subject.

A wide range of complementary services offered, adds value to our customers by increasing the competitiveness. That's why we use the most advanced equipment which accurately monitor the shipping container stages, allowing to predict the precise delivery time, enable to scan and send shipping documents immediately after unloading. 

container shipping to USA from UK

Container shipping from United Kingdom to USA including Chicago, moving to New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Las Vegas, cheap removals to San Diego and many more.

Most our container shipping companies to USA use modern integrated computer system dedicated to logistics firms, which support all inter-company processes (such as container vessel management, document executed orders, complaints, etc.). We know that in order to ensure the highest quality we need to ship containers according to the timescale given to our clients. Therefore, critical resources, such as telecoms service providers, power source, source of Internet access, are mirrored in the event of outages. Data processing is carried out in a private cloud (cloud computing), which are virtualized and mirrored servers that store all the data. To provide our customers with the information within a few minutes our employees have mobile access to key corporate resources.

Container shipping firms and movers continuously train their teams, guided by industry employees for training, postgraduate, permanently organizing language courses, all to continuously improve the quality of our service. Today we pass the next stage of development and improvement of our organization. We have started the process of certification in accordance with international container shipping quality standards.

Forum info:

"We have shipped our belongings in a container in August - 29.08.2013. It was a full load and it cost us £2900 door to door, including partial packing services. We are happy we took all our furniture, books and family mementos. Our new house looks like the old one in the UK. This helped us a lot to settle down with no thinking back." - Emma Stuart