FREE no-obligation shipping quote to USA

In order to obtain an accurate and proper valuation of your move please fill out the form below and give us as much information as you possibly can. Fields marked with * are required and must be filled in. If you have a spare minute please have a look at the article below the online form. It will help you to understand why and what info we need to work out the costs of your move. It will also give you an idea of what options can be included on your quote.


Contact details

Off course the most important for us are your valid contact details so we can forward you our quote once we have produced it.

Existing and new Address

The next important info we need to estimate the mileage are your existing and new Addresses. If at this stage you do have the exact Address of where you will be sending your goods to we will need at least the town or the nearest city.

Biggest items

Please also remember that to prepare a quote we need to estimate to volume of your move. To to this we will need a list of at least the biggest items like: double bed, 3-seater sofa, kitchen table, any white goods, cupboards and wardrobes, armchairs, bicycles, cars, motorbikes, garden furniture, loft, shed and garage items, extra baggage, approximate number of boxes. So please use the additional detail box to list down all biggest items you are shipping to your new home.


If you are planning to take to USA any item exceeding 100kg please let us know.

Quote with packing services as an option

If you would like us to include an option for packing or fragile packing service on your shipping quote to USA please let us know. We can also provide you with our shipping boxes.

Disassembly and reassembly of furniture

Taking down and rebuilding of any furniture is a time consuming task. It also require specialist equipment. If you would like us to provide you with an option for doing it please include the furniture you want us to dismantle.