Preparing for the move

There is no doubt that the relocation day is an important event in the life of every family. It is worth to prepare for it so there is not too much stress during the moving process. While a small move consisting of a few furniture or boxes does not cause a lot of serious problems, moving the entire home is two or even more times complicated involving plenty of organisational and logistical planning.

So let me answer the question of whether it is more profitable to accomplish it by yourself, or to hire an experienced company that does everything for you, in a short time and without any damage to the furniture. You might want to avoid the stress, save yourself a lot of time by engaging professionals.

Here are some tips that can be useful at any stage of the preparations for the relocation.

6 weeks prior to the move

Organization and proper planning should start at least six weeks before the scheduled date of removal. It is the key to a smooth relocation of your possessions. 

  • If you do not want to forget and overlook anything you should make a list of tasks to be performed. Put different dates to each activity so you can focus on one thing at a time.
  • In the meantime, look around your house and think about what you want to take with you and what you should get rid of. Not all your furniture, equipment and appliances will be used in a new place. Some items you can just throw away, other will need to be disposed of, such as refrigerator or washing machine. You may also want to give some of your stuff to your friends or family. You can also donate some goods to an orphanage or other organizations in need of any donations. Furniture and other electronic equipment can be worth some money. You can try to sell them on auction sites like Ebay. By decluttering you avoid shipping items you don't need, and in result you will see lower shipping costs to San Antonio.
  • There are many removal companies out there but you should find a firm with experienced staff and with an insurance. To avoid amateur movers you should make sure that they run their business from an office or a warehouse. People running their company from home usually have a little experience and resources to carry out a removal in a professional manner. It should not be forgotten that the property of your life will be in someone else's hands. Make sure that the companies have a free date selected by you. Many companies do not work on Sundays.
  • Start to finalize all of your financial obligations associated with renting the house.