Storage Services

If you have storage needs, you should hire our storage services no matter what you want to store. We can provide all type of storage services in most locations in the UK as well as in the USA.

Whether you want to store your household appliances, books, furniture, stock items, antiques or artworks or other goods while you are traveling overseas, we have a suitable storage facility to safely store any type of items.

If you are looking for a quality local and cheap furniture storage service, you should consider hiring our company. We have developed various short and long term storage services to meet various storage needs. We are an experienced storage company representing a wide network of the UK and U.S. storage firms network, we have built a team of reliable, proficient and reliable storage advisors and operators levering on our many years of experience.

Cheap and local storage services when moving overseasThere are a number of storage facilities in most strategic corners across the UK and the USA. But we have always made a difference by setting the standard in the industry. First we have a modernised storage facility equipped with the best features necessary for storage of various types of items. We have temperature controlled storage units for storage of items that are very sensitive to temperature and moisture. Our storage facility offers the best security you can not get elsewhere.

So, if you trust us with your valuables, you will have rest of mind that nothing will happen to them. We are quite aware that security has various aspects. So, we have built our storage facility to take care of various aspects of security. Steps are taken to secure items against rodents, insects and other micro-organisms like mould and mildew that can destroy valuable items such as sofas, bed mattresses, armchairs, antics and clothes.

We did not stop at that. We took a step further in protecting our storage facilities against such disasters as fire outbreak. Fire alarm systems are installed in various units. Our storage units are built with materials that have strong resistance against fire and other elements of weather that can destroy properties kept in them. (See also international movers page.)

Surveillance systems monitored by human security personnel from a central control unit are installed in our storage facility. Though we have the best surveillance system, we do not overlook the importance of human security. This is why also we hire well trained security personnel to secure our storage facility to make sure that burglars do not break in. They patrol around the facility with well trained security dogs on 24/7 basis. Strong locks are used to lock the units.

We are quite aware that our clients from time to time may have a need to access their items stored in our facilities. This is why we put our brain to task and develop a better means of allowing them access to their facility without raising any false security alarm.

We know that everyone have their own unique storage needs. This is why we offer various types of storage services to suit every need. If you have a special need, you can discuss it with our experts and we will provide a storage service tailor made to suit your requirements. We offer the following storage services.

Long term storage when moving overseas

Long term containerised storageLong term storage services can be required especially by people who want to move to USA for a year or two but are not shipping furniture. If you own a house you do not want to leave it vacant. By renting it out you could get a fair amount of money for example to cover you accommodation costs while you are in the US.

Some people do not like the idea though that their furniture will be used by strangers. So the option is to hire a cheap storage company to provide the service and rent the house out unfurnished.

The good thing is when you are back from your stay overseas you can have your furniture delivered to your new or old house and you are sure they were not used by others and are in perfect state.

Also you probably would like to move in into a perfectly clean a nice smelling home. It is much easier to repaint, refresh and refurbish your house where it's completely empty. There are many many more good reasons to have your furniture stored while you are away for long term.

Long term storage is a storage plan made for people that will like to make use of our storage space facility over extended long period. Private individuals can have the long-term storage service at affordable price to store their furniture, house equipment and even personal belongings or electronic equipment.

Businesses can hire this service for the storage of their equipment and machines which they rarely use. Families that have little space to keep all their belongings in their home can also make use of this service.

Cheap short term storage service

As implicit from the name, this storage service extends over a limited period like a month or more. It is the best option for people and businesses moving house and warehouse. With this service, they will have a temporary place to store their items until to get a better home. New students or people on transfer that have not fully settled down can make hire the short term storage service for the storage of their items until they get accommodation. Other types of local storage services that we offer include but are not limited to the following:

  • Self-storage
  • Off-site and on-site storage solution
  • Containerised storage

Local and cheap storage companies

Cheap storage companies UK and USAAs experienced and reputable UK and USA furniture storage firm, we also offer removals services to our clients who cannot bring their items by themselves to our storage facility. We have large and small trucks for collections of items.

We can also help you with international packing or your items and have them labelled for you in a neat manner. We have a team of well trained packers who know the best way to pack various items for storage purposes and to avoid breakages in the process.

Our shipping companies take extra steps when storing items to ensure that they are easily identifiable and accessible. So, you will not encounter any problem anytime you want to collect your items. Hire our services today and have peace of mind that your item is in a secure place.

Our containerised and room storage facilities are located in central positions in various parts of the United Kingdom and United States. So, no matter your location, you can avail yourself of our storage services. Contact us today to obtain free storage costs estimate.