Baggage shipping

Now everything has become so simple and easily achievable, there is rarely a problem that cannot be solved. Even when it comes to travel to the United States. It would seem that an extra baggage could cause you a head ache but not any longer! On this site you can obtain up to 5 quotes for shipping your excess baggage to USA from UK. Well, it's important to remember that we live in the era of the Internet and its endless possibilities! For many years we have been successfully providing our visitors with free baggage shipping costs comparison service. The prices you get are exactly the same as when you would get them directly from movers so do not waste any more time and compare them in minutes!

Excess baggage shipping

Worldwide courier services,express baggage delivery companies , organized by our firms, covering the countries located in other continents. Express delivery of baggage from the UK to USA carried out by a combination of air, sea and road transport providers.

Baggage shipping to USA

So, the express baggage delivery from the United Kingdom to United States will take no more than 3 days with a combination of air and auto transportation. Sending baggage to USA using standard service packages takes approximately 5-7 days.

The timing and the speed of each delivery is one of the most important factors. However if you are not in hurry, we can ship your baggage by sea. This method of the long distance large or multiple luggages transportation from the UK to USA will be much cheaper, but a little bit longer.

The price comparison form posted on our site is working around the clock. We have been constantly updating information about the top excess baggage shipping companies and their prices. While processing your request for the cheap baggage shipping we will always have a few options for the quick  or flexible time delivery. High training of their managers and the constant development of moving procedures as well as the up-to-date information about the associated transportation for delivery activities are putting us always one step ahead - it will affect the timing of the minimum delivery of your baggage from the UK to USA - to Philadelphia or any other place in the USA. Courier services means the speed, mobility, and the efficiency. Functionality of our site traffic is designed to optimise the adoption of information for international suitcase shipping.

Sending a baggage to USA

Sending an excess baggage to USAOur firms provide full range of baggage forwarding and logistics services.  Our clients portfolio consists of some of the biggest UK businesses as well as private customers. It does not matter how big you your package is and how many of them you have.

If you need to send goods to the United States we will be happy to recommend our proved shippers. Sending an excess luggage from Europe does not require you to buy a truck for a hundred thousand euro, transport it in containers and do all the work by yourself.

For the shipments you need a reliable company that meticulously and responsibly will pack your belonging and will provide the necessary resources. New and regular customers can obtain financial assistance, individual conditions, deferral of payments. Baggage forwarding services to USA, cargo, transportation.
Check our international delivery to Phoenix, San Antonio and other locations. Compare solutions and choose the best method of shipping your luggage.

How to ship luggage to USA from UK?

You probably know already about the norms and principles of luggage shipping to USA but beyond the rules there is the advice to travellers about the things that are not desirable to take in the suitcase:

  • Jewellery - We advise you do not take them on a journey at all. If you decide to have them with you on vacation, when you check-in you will have to declare the value of checked baggage and pay the additional fee. Be aware that bout 0.02% of luggage’s, bags and packages shipped to United States get lost and never find their owners. And what if you get into that 0.02%?Play it safe, all jewellery and other valuables take in hand luggage or wear them.
  • Documents - This is not only your passport, tickets and insurance that you should have always with you, this applies to all the important documents in principle. Even if your bag is not lost, it may arrive later that may disrupt your plans. Always make copies of important documents, or record them on a memory stick.
  • Cash and bank cards - It's no secret that at the airport the stealing items from the luggage happens from time to time. Do not take any chances, take the money and cards with you in the cabin.
  • Luggage shipping to USAA laptop and other electronic devices - Most electronic devices are not only expensive, but also very fragile. Sending them in your luggage may be very risky. It does not matter how many towels you would use to secure your favourite IPod, there is still a chance to break it. Avoid the disappointment when picking up your luggage in USA and carry your precious electronic devices with you.
  • Medicines –Remember that not always the luggage arrives with you, sometimes it is necessary to wait a few days or even weeks. If you regularly use any medications - ship them with you to USA in your hand luggage. Even if it is a liquid, and the amount exceeds the allowed 100 ml. Do not panic and grab a prescription from a doctor and you will be allowed to take them on board.
  • Clothes - Do not put all the clothes in the large baggage, ship a few things in the hand luggage, just in case your belongings are delayed. For cheap excess baggage solutions contact our company offering reliable movers to Dallas.
  • Food - In many countries, there is a law that forbids bringing food to their country. So if you are shipping your luggage from the United Kingdom to America you need to leave your sandwiches for your friends.

Responsibility for the loss of luggage while air shipping, is usually limited to the equivalent of 20 U.S. dollars per 1 kg. UK Luggage shippers assume no liability for fragile or perishable items, money, jewellery, precious metals, securities and commercial papers, passports and other documents placed in shipped baggage.

If you decide to carry valuables in your bags declare the increased value and make the additional premium as requested. Should you lose your suitcase, the carrier will reimburse the cost of shipping your luggage to USA. The maximum amount you can get back is $ 5,000.