Best traditional American food

Most popular, traditional and known American foodThe traditions and the rituals that the people belonging to it perform or follow often recognize a culture.

But more often than not it is identified by the food that they eat. Each country has a specific cuisine and specific taste that makes it unique. This is true for French food, Indian food and even for the best American food.

Although the trademark of the most popular American food industry is considered to be the traditional hamburger, there are lots of other recipes and food that you would be amazed invented in the United States of America.

You would be aware of the fact that cultures influence each other in every way.

This is probably the reason people in the United Kingdom know how to enhance the flavour of their food by making use of spices like cardamom and cumin and why people in Japan also make use of oregano.

Most popular food in USA

Here we have an exciting and taste bud tingling list of recipes that are part of the American heritage. The first dish, surprisingly, would be pancakes. The best recipe for a wholesome breakfast would be fresh and sizzling pancakes seeped in maple syrup or honey. This everyday American food is filling and tasty, and it gives you the perfect start to the day.

The second recipe, which is another American specialty, is Club Sandwich. It has been on the menu cards of the best hotels across the world for many years, but very few people know of the fact that it was invented in America and is the specialty of this land. While the story of its origin might not be so widely known (we don’t know either so there will not be a story telling session here), but you cannot deny that it is the best lunch recipe especially if you are in a bit of a hurry.

The delicious double decker sandwich which a whole lot of turkey and slices of avocado and maybe some honey or mustard to go with it would keep your stomach happy for the rest of the day. And you have to accept that the mere mention of it gets you salivating.

What do American eat?What else do American eat?

So, you must have heard of the famous McRibs that are given out at McDonald’s. Guess what? Barbecue ribs are an American dish.

Whether you get them in the traditional regional barbecue style, or you get the glossy beer glazed baby back ribs, you would be completely hooked to them, and before you know it, you would not be able to get enough of it.

This baby has very rightly been called addictive and even though they are very fattening and very filling; people like to sink their teeth into them every once in a while. Yes and that’s is trough!

Most common, traditional or custom food in the USA unfortunately is not healthy.

American food inventions

One another dish that would get you so addicted are Macaroni and Cheese, and that again is thanks to our American friends. Now macaroni, if I remember right, is Italian, but adding the cheese to it and making it Macaroni and Cheese is what the Americans did. And they made it much tastier. Even though for someone who is on a diet this might not be the perfect dish for lunch or dinner you should give it a try nonetheless. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that many students moving to USA and people who do not know how to cook rely on this dish since it can be made straight from the box, and yet it tastes equally good.

Real American food for Britons

If you wonder if there is a real American food that most Britons would enjoy the next dish on the list is the traditional and juicy steak. This dish is best served simple with very generous seasoning. It is cooked hot and fast so that you get a burnished crust. Often accompanied by mi-so mustard sauce it is a complete delight and the best dinner if you are out with someone special.

Traditional food and dishes in USAI have ordered this dish whenever I have gone out on a date or even when I am out on business. It gives a special and good impression and makes the other person think that you have a very healthy appetite.

Mashed potatoes are also a traditional American dish, which is very often cooked up for regular meals and is also made a part of Thanksgiving.

Simple potatoes cream with lots of seasoning could not taste better than the way Americans make, and that is why this dish has made it to the list of the best and most traditional recipes which are a part of the American culture.

Whether you take a spoonful or dollops of this, you would be able to taste the cream and the seasoning. No matter how much you might crave exotic food and the sizzling Spanish recipes, when it comes to the heavenly feeling of what would satisfy you, you can always rely on all American feasts.

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