Car Maintenance Task List

If you have a car, it is important that you maintain it on a regular basis in order to keep it at high performance condition. However, it can be expensive to maintain a car if you hire car maintenance services on regular basis. There are some car maintenance tasks that you can carry out by yourself in order to reduce costs. Such services do not require special skills. Here are some car maintenance task checklist to help know the things that you can do by yourself and those that require an expert attention.

Before you organize the car shipping make sure you have taken care of your vehicle. Car repair services in America are very expensive. With out advice you will be able to develop your car maintenance schedule and reduce the risk of possible breakdowns.

Check the fluid levels of your car

Car maintenance checklistYour vehicle makes use of several fluids such as hydraulic, oil, water, transmission fluid, anti-freeze and brake fluid. Each of these fluids has its minimum gauge. If any of these fluids drop below the minimum level, your vehicle is much more likely going to be affected or even yourself.

For example, if you brake oil dropped below the minim level. You may get involved in an accident which can even cause your death. This is why it is important that you check these fluids on regularly basis.

You do not an expert in order to check and top these fluids if their levels drop. If you are exporting your car in a shipping container you will have to make sure your tank is nearly empty.

Change of oil

This is one of the most important car maintenance tasks that you should include in your list. The lifeblood of your engine is your engine oil and thus you should ensure that the oil is changed as at when due. The car oil protects the moving parts of the engine against friction. However, as the engine is being driven, the oil in the engine will trap a lot of impurities like dust, smoke, debris and others.  As it becomes dirtier, the engine has to work harder because the oil is now thicker. This is why you have to change your car oil whether or not it has dropped in level.

Change of car oil is not difficult to be done. However, it may require expert attention. If you don't know how to change your car oil, don't try doing it by yourself. Just look for a professional mechanic that can do it for you at an affordable price. The proper time to change the oil of car is on monthly basis or after covering 3, 000. So, change oil for every 3,000 miles covered.

Car Tire maintenance

Car maintenance tipsTire is another important part of your vehicle that you should not overlook. Most motorists make the mistakes of neglecting their car tires. Good tires make the ride to be smooth. Before you drive out every day, first check all the tires of your vehicle to ensure that none of them is losing. Try refilling any one that is losing air. Running on good tires filled with air helps to even out the wears on your tires.

Car brakes

If there is any part of your vehicle that you should not joke with, it is your car brake.  If you don't check your vehicle brake, it is tantamount to planning your death or planning to cause accident. For driving to be safe, your entire brake system and not just the brake pad should be in good working condition. It may not be necessary to checking it on regular basis. But it is important to check the brake at least once every year. You will not be able to it by yourself. You require a good vehicle mechanic to check every part of the brake including the shoes, pads, rotors, and brake fluid lines. If any one of them is not in good condition, it should be repaired or replaced immediately. It is not advisable to manage or drive a car that has fault brake system. For car maintenance tips concerning brakes please contact an experienced mechanic.

Air filter

Air filter replacement is one of the car maintenance tasks that you will be able to do by yourself. It will take you only about 10 minutes or less in order to change your air filter. If you are not able to do it by yourself, it will cost you about $15 in order to have it replaced for you.

Fuel filter

Fuel is very easy to be changed also. It will take you an hour in order to do it. But if you are not able to it by yourself, a mechanic can change it for you but he will charge you about $20.

Fuel gauge sender

If it seems to you that your car consumes more gas than it is used to, it may be an indication that fuel gauge sender is not functioning very well. You should consider replacing it to ensure that everything is order. It takes about 10 minutes to replace it but a mechanic will charge you $40 in order to replace it for you.

Other car maintenance tasks that should be included in your list are:

  • Car maintenance tasksChange of oil filter
  • windshield wipers
  • battery connection
  • headlights
  • car battery maintenance
  • fuel gauge sender
  • spark plugs
  • radiator flush
  • fuses     

We strongly recommend that you read thoroughly your car maintenance manual provided bye its manufacturer. If you are not very familiar with engines and devices you can take a basic car maintenance course for dummies where you will learn and practise things to do to extend the life or your motor-vehicle. If you do not like getting involved in your car cleaning and periodic car inspection you can always visit your nearest garage with professional car maintenance mechanics which have specialist tools and software to check the state an condition of each car part. If you are a self-learner you can always get some car maintenance books, tips, checklist from the internet. What ever you decide to do you have to remember that taking a good care of your car will save you a lot of money on car repairs.

For more car maintenance advice and tips and list of things to do you can contact your nearest garage.    

Always to be on the safe side you can purchase a car maintenance insurance. It is not free but it can be a real help as it is always when you need it.