How to ship a boat to the USA

The issue of shipping of boat to the USA from UK or any other location in the World is a field that is not in the general domain. The truth is that shipping of boats is a specialized field that we can say is within the reach of only the professional UK to USA international movers. It comes with unique features and attributes in all situations, and this is one thing you must know if you must embark on this.If you want to engage in the importation of boats, you have to be aware of the answers given below.

The fact is that there are different methods of moving boat to USA. These methods are selected according to the economic benefit, as well as many other things. Vessels can be shrink-wrapped before shipment. But, as much as this will save you a lot of bucks if you do it this way, it can only happen depending on the type of shipping you choose, whether it will be going under the deck, on deck or onto the container vessels.

When you are shipping to USA and need to transport your boat overseas, it must happen with a cradle. But the UK to USA shipping companies that do this for you will supply the cradle for this. They have steel adjustable cradles that are kept in locations, and these are rented to the customers. You can think of building a custom cradle for your boat, but if you must do this, you must know how valuable and costly the boat is and what it will take you to get a new and customized cradle. If you see that the trending one is better for you as it always is, then you are better off going with the rented cradles.

People have asked whether they will still need the cradle if they are importing a flat yacht. The issue of a cradle is not just for seating. There is a standard rule that demand that your yacht must have a good sturdy cradle in the open sea. Without this, the lines in the port will not lift your yacht.

Shipping boat to the USA

Transporting a boatIf you have a boat to be imported into the USA, you can transport this with your trailer. But in this case, the trailer in question must be a very road-worthy one. If this is not the case, towing the trailer to port will be impossible, and here, the low loader trailer will be used. This costs a whole lot of money. You should avoid any faulty trailer issues, because if damages are caused by this, the transporter’s insurance will not cover this in any way.

However, these shipping companies also offer some form of marine insurance for the yacht in question. This can be a comprehensive and competitive insurance, and this is meant to cover everything about your shipment. It takes care of the yacht from the moment you deliver it to the shipping companies till when you collect it back at the delivery port. This will be included in your shipping quote to USA from the company if you demand so. You are advised to demand for this.

When you are transporting a boat, you have to take all precautions to avoid losing some of the valuables on the boat. Things like the GPS and fish finders are easily stolen on the ports. Because of this, you are always advised to remove them and have them transported in other methods. Better still, you can lock these up inside the boat and send the key on a separate package, only to open on arrival at the port.

Costs of shipping boat to USA

However, you have to know that the cost of shipping is calculated in general, including the trailer. So, if your yacht is on a trailer, the diameter of the trailer also counts. This is the reason why you are always advised to remove as much as you can from the diameter of the whole package, though not to the detriment of the balance and seating of the boat. When it comes to the mast of the yacht, it is advised that you ship it separately. This is because in most cases, it will be longer than the yacht in question, thereby increasing the volume of the boat, and here, the cost skyrockets.

Talking about reducing the shipping price, you have to do everything possible to reduce the boat volume. This involves checking whether the keel can be removed, whether there is a radar arch or flybridge that needs removing. You can also remove the swimming platforms and bowsprits. The cardinal point is, remove every removable.

Another area you need serious preparation before shipping includes cleaning the boat. You have to do a thorough cleaning of the whole unit. All barnacles and organic dirt must be removed from the hull. The trailer must be free from any dirt or mud, and this involves serious vacuuming. This will save you from hold up cost or quarantine expenses.