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Shipping Essential kitchen equipment

When relocating overseas you should consider taking things that will make your life easier. Most houses in the USA are available to rent unfurnished. Apart from shipping furniture you may want to bring with you kitchen utensils. Starting a new day without being able to prepare your favourite breakfast, lunch or dinner may destroy your entire day. Unfortunately replacing all kitchen equipment is going to cost a lot of money which can significantly increase your moving budget. Our network of shipping companies will be happy to provide you with an option for packing and moving kitchen equipment like pots, pans, cutlery, blenders, mixers, toasters.

Shipping kitchen itemsIf you are moving out in a new apartment and you are worried about how will set up your kitchen then this article will surely wash away all your worries. Though the list of essential kitchen equipment you should take with you is never ending but still, this article will help you to some extent. The three most important things, which your new kitchen in the USA should have, are:

  1. A fridge - it is an appliance, which is used to store food items. It maintains a temperature a low degree. Most of the refrigerators have freezer at the top and refrigerator at bottom. It has adjustable trays and cabinets. Some of them consume too much of energy so before buying one you should be very careful. It keeps the food fresh for an extended duration of time. Daily products like meat, eggs, fish, and vegetables can be kept refrigerated. A refrigerator allows people to buy foodstuff in bulk. Shipping a fridge is a good idea as you you will be able to store your food from the first day.
  2. A sink - sink is a must in the kitchen. It keeps your kitchen clean and hygienic as all the dirty utensils can be washed in it. It has drain that removes all the used water and makes your kitchen healthy.
  3. An oven that has a stove pan - oven is also very useful and essential for a kitchen.

If your new apartment has these three essential kitchen equipment then you can be on your own. These things will help you in your all-basic needs. However there are other kitchen items you should consider to ship. Some basic requirements which a perfect kitchen should have are:

  1. Cutting boards - in the market you can get two types of cutting boards. One, which is made up of wood and the other one, which is made up of plastic. You can buy according to your preference. In choosing, cutting board should be very careful. It should be very comfortable to your hand. These boards come in different styles. These boards have an adjustable top, which can be removed and washed easily. You can get these tops in many different colours. Bamboo is used to make these boards because it is very reliable and durable.
  2. Mixing bowls - you should have a mixing bowl in your kitchen. You can buy a bowl of bigger size so that you can also use it as a serving bowl. These bowls are needed for salads, egg beatings, meat prep, flour confections and many more.
  3. Shipping kitchen equipmentMicrowave oven - microwave oven is a must in the kitchen. These days’ microwaves have become very expensive but still it is a must. You can easily get a microwave in $40. Some of them also have sensors. The best thing about these microwaves ovens is that they are very easy to operate. Even a man who does not know how to cook can easily operate a microwave oven. You can cook meat, potatoes, popcorns and many more stuff in it. Oven was also used as cooking vessels in earlier times. They have a smooth bottom. People don’t use the microwave for cooking purpose they use it to heat or to defrost the food. These are best to heat water. You just need to learn the exact timing. Shipping kitchen equipment can make your new start easier. Getting moving quotes with separate shipping cost for taking kitchen items to USA will help you decide what kitchen items and devices to take.
  4. Blender - a blender can be sometimes more expensive than a microwave oven. If you want make smoothies or margaritas at home only then you need a blender of high power. But keep one thing in mind more powerful the blender more expensive it will be. Some blenders are also provided with small jars. These jars are very useful making chutney.
  5. Toaster - the other name of toaster is mini microwave. It is not only used for breads, but it can also bake things. This toaster is large enough to accommodate a sliced bagel. These toasters you can get at a price of $30. In addition to toasting, it can also broil things. These toasters come in two choices one with a timer and the other one with continuous on system. 
  6. Kettle - to boil water or to make coffee you will always need a kettle. But if you have a microwave then you boil water in that also. Kettles are mostly and widely used because of their efficiency. They also come in two categories one with a cord and the other one without cord.
  7. Colander - sometimes straining water from your food is very difficult. But with colander it is very easy. You can also use this to wash your vegetables and fruits.
  8. Knifes - knifes are the most essential part of the kitchen. Smaller knifes are preferred. This is a wide range of knifes available in the market. You can choose according to your need.

Out of this toaster, kettle, blender and the coffee pot is not as essential as the rest of them are to start with cooking. No matter what cuisine you like but the above-mentioned equipment are very essential kitchen equipment. This equipment will make your cooking more funny and exciting. Shipping kitchen equipment with us is simple. We will pack all your plates, glassware, cutlery and other kitchen things very careful.

Is it worth taking essential kitchen items and equipment to USA? Shipping plates, glassware, knifes, microwave and other devices will be very helpful and will facilitate you to settle down.