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How to send a parcel to USA?

If you do not want your parcel to get lost on the way to the United States or if you want to avoid the situation when it is sent back to you at your expense due to a problem at customs there are a few simple rules that you may want to fallow.

  • Before you go to your local post office or your call an international courier to send the parcel to USA you need to find out if the items you are about to ship are not on the restricted or prohibited items list. Also each state may  have different laws so it is worth checking it with the destination state too.
  • Make sure your parcel has the right dimensions. Depends on the parcel company you chose the length limits are 1,5m or 2 meter. The sum of girth and length can’t exceed 3 meters. The weight limit may vary. Usually it is 20 or 30kg. For bigger and heavier items you will have to use a standard shipping to the USA service.
  • Sending a parcel to USA from UKPack the parcel carefully. Keep in mind that it is a long way. The parcel will travel for a long time. If you send it by air it will be up to a week. If you want to make it cheap you can send it by sea but this will take up to seven weeks before the package will be delivered. The packaging must be strong and well fitted to the size of the item. If you can’t find the appropriate box fill the empty space inside with paper, foam, bubble wrap or a foil. Make sure the item inside the box is not loose. 
  • Remember not to glue or tape your parcel. The post office, UPS or every other courier will check its content and will give you a form to fill in  - the customs declaration. You will need to specify the Address of the Addresser and the Addressee. You will also have to describe the contents of the parcel, provide the inventory and explain what’s the reason for sending the parcel.
  • Your courier will provide you with a unique tracking number. You should be able to track and check where is your parcel via a website. Most delivery companies provide such service at no cost. By selecting the appropriate item in the menu of the site, enter the ID number (it's written on the document that will be issued and given to you by the parcel shipping company).

How much does it cost to send a parcel from UK to USA?

If you want to send your package as cheap as possible first you should decide on the shipping method. Of course shipping by air is more expensive than sea method. Everything depends on how quick you need your box to be delivered, as well as on UK to Philadelphia shipping method that you choose. If you are not in a hurry you can send it by sea. If you want the parcel to be delivered within a couple of days you have no choice but air freight. We have many branches, choose one close to you and contact them directley, be it San Diego or Chicago.

Cost of sending a parcel to USA from UKIt does not matter what option you choose you should do the following to reduce sending costs:

  • Find the right shipping box
  • Put the items you want to send to United States in to the box. Fill up the empty space with appropriate wrapping and cushioning materials.
  • Weigh the box
  • Measure it – the width, the depth and the height
  • Use Google, MSN or Yahoo and find as many international parcel delivery companies as you can.
  • Write a short message with your collection and delivery Addresses, the parcel weight and dimensions, shipping date and ask for the price door to door by sea and air.

You should receive some shipping prices. Compare the parcel delivery costs and the job is done. You will see that the prices will vary. They can be from £2,50 up to £7 per kg.

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International courier services

Sending boxes and parcels from the UK to USA does not have to be expensive. Contact our courier company to compare our prices. We have built a network of international parcel delivery couriers covering the entire United Kingdom. With our London to Phoenix shipping services you can send a parcel to any European county - France, Germany, Belgium, Holland just to name a few. We also specialize in cheap courier services to USA. Send your parcel today and keep a track of how it travels from your home. The parcel tracking facility is available to you 24/7.

How much does it cost to ship a parcel to USA?

Every shipping process comprises a lot of minor processes, each having its financial requirement. These processes differ with different shipping projects. In some shipping services, some processes are not required while in some others, some processes are required either in a lower or higher degree. For this reason, the world of shipping has been faced with one major challenge – to answer the all important question of “how much does it cost to ship a package?”

The best possible approach to take to provide the best possible answer to this question is asking yourself the following questions and providing answers to them:

  1. Is my package well prepared?
    The way you present your package to your transporters is noteworthy factor that can affect its cost of shipping. This is where your packing comes in. A well handled packing can keep you on a safer side here. You should know that packing your item poorly or not packing it at all will definitely give your transporters more work to do. Some of them offer packing services and this will cost you some more dollars. If you sending paintings to USA, you should also ask for extra insurance option.
  2. How much am I likely to spend on packing my package?
    A shipping process expenditure you might want to exclude from your expenditure list is the cost of packing. Yes, for some sturdy items that you can comfortably pack on your own with ordinary materials, their purchasing costs are ignorable but think about the fragile items, the bulky ones, those that require detachments and those that must require crating. Items with any of the above features and characteristics are likely to require a professional packing and can need an expert to do that at a cost you will have no choice but to put on the list.
  3. What are the weight, size and value of my parcel?
    There are so many ways by which your package will affect the total cost of its shipping. While shipping some packages are demanding processes, some are just like a walk in the park. The weight of your package has a great influence on the various bills such as the shipping cost, custom charges, taxes and some other expenditure you will have to make in the process of shipping.
    Sometimes, the size, quantity and weight of your parcel are not all that is considered. For some kinds of packages, the total cost of shipping are weighed based on the market value of the package content. For instance, in as much as a car weighs more and occupies more space than a small package of diamond, the latter will attract more shipping cost in some companies owning to its high market value.
  4. Who will be my carrier?
    Another significant, if not the most important of all the factors that can affect the cost of shipping parcel to USA is, of course your transporters. The transporters’ pay for shipping your package is known as the shipping cost. Most people who have asked this same question get this as their answer but end up finding out the truth. Funny enough, this changes as they go back once in a while to ship more packages either with the same or different transporters.
  5. What kind of shipping does my package need?
    When you talk about types of shipping, the first thing that should strike the mind of whoever that is experienced in the field is the means of transportation. Shipping can be done by air, sea, train or by road depending on what is most suitable for the items you want to ship or what means you decided to choose. You need not be told that shipping parcel by air to USA will be more expensive when compared to other means when it comes to the normal shipping cost charged by the carrier. Also local delivery is usually done by road, rather than by sea like it is in case of international removals to San Jose and other destinations.
    When you have a reason to deliver your package in person, you might want to travel along with your package. This can affect your means of transportation and quality of shipping. You might treasure your comfort as much as your package safety and decide to go for an executive shipping quote, all at higher costs.
  6. What distance does my package have to travel?
    In the world of shipping, distance is never a barrier once the person shipping is financially equal to the task. You can ship your parcel even to the most remote parts of the world and still get it safely delivered if all goes well. Sometimes, your package will be travelling a longer mile to get to your recipient and will come at an extra fee.
  7. Where exactly am I shipping my package to?
    In addition to distance your package will have to travel, the exact destination you have stipulated can increase or decrease its shipping cost. The reason is very simple. For some highly developed places like the UK and US, transportation system is highly equipped. There are good roads, functional railway stations and airports while for some other places, there are no railway stations, roads are poorly maintained and airports are not very functional. These places complicate matters for the transporters and accordingly attract extra shipping costs.
  8. What is the priority and urgency level of my shipping?
    Like in a clinic, there is always an emergency unit where urgent attention is granted to patients. How urgent is your shipping and what is the priority level? Is it one of those that can be rescheduled for the next flight if a problem arises? Every carrier will like to know this and your answer here can affect your cost of shipping.
  9. Do I need to purchase insurance?
    If there is one necessary cost you can ignore when ascertaining the likely cost of shipping your package, it is insurance. Insurance helps get you protected. It gives you extra confidence you are not going to loose your package to whatever circumstance that may arise during the course of the shipping. It is left for you to decide whether or not to purchase one for your package either fully or partly funded. But remember, it is extremely necessary.
  10. What other extra services will I need?
    If you need a classy shipping service, this is the right time to tell yourself yes or no. You might want a pick up of the parcel from your home and a delivery to a precise address which you will provide. All those come at extra costs.

Costs of sending parcelThe cost of shipping a parcel to USA is determined based on your ability to answer the above questions. Sometimes, it is not in your power to say what option you should go for. You will sometimes require professional help. For instance, you cannot estimate the distance your package will be travelling if you do not first, get a carrier and, secondly, know their route. This and some other challenges you will face in the course of answering the above “a million dollar question.” Two major tools are available to help you out:

Free quote for sending parcel to USA

A shipping quote is a form of proposal from a shipping company outlining their various services and their estimated prices. They come in various forms leaving a client with diverse options to choose from. If you choose a particular quote, you have decided to go by what is in it throughout your shipping project. While some companies make their quote exclusive to their services, some companies give a more elucidated quote, covering likely payments not getting into their purse such as the custom charges, insurance and so on. For the later kind of quote, it can help you get a better idea of how much it will cost you to ship your package through a particular carrier.

Among the impressive handiworks of technology in the business world, is the shipping calculator. It is a platform designed specially to answer all your questions regarding your shipping. When in search of those cheaper, better, and more reliable options for shipping your package, a shipping calculator can help you out. It is accessible online in various reputable shipping company websites. You can also get comparison of money transfer to USA.

Even with all these strategic moves to knowing how much it costs to ship a parcel to USA, the question remains only partially answered. It is like asking how long it will take a balloon in the air to land on the ground when a lot of things can affect it. However, these strategies can get you closer to the precise answer to this question which, in reality, does not exist.