How to emigrate to USA from the UK?

For those who decided to leave their homeland and are moving to the United States for permanent stay, there are various ways of achieving this goal.

Green Card Lottery

Annually there is a green card lottery. If you are lucky enough to win, you can get a chance to emigrate to the United States.  You can’t bet everything on that, but still it is worth trying. You will never know if this could be the chance to become the U. S. citizen. It is the easiest way to immigrate to U S A.

Immigrants travelling to United States due to work

Another option is applying for a work permit. It enables you to work in the United States and then gain the status of permanent resident and applying for a citizenship after certain period of time. Unfortunately, getting the work in America passport is difficult.

Immigration to USA from UKThis option is suitable only for specialists which are attractive for US government. You can get it in example to work at a university.

Having a college degree would strongly raise your chances of getting a work permit for USA and for immigration from UK.

Some people go to the USA on travel permit to get some contacts and look for a job.

If you find one, your employer can sponsor you a work permit, but before taking up the job you would have to go back to your motherland (UK) and collect the document. After three years work your employer can also sponsor you a green card.

Immigration to the U.S. due to marriage

It might look not very serious, but in fact it is one of the simplest ways of getting the U.S. citizenship. There are certain conditions to be fulfilled. For a few years’ time you would have to prove that your relationship isn’t fictitious.

Business passport - The quickest way of emigrating to USA

Being an entrepreneur gives other legal and safe options for relocating to the USA.  While starting a business in the USA you will require a B1 permit. It is dedicated to businessmen wanting to find a working space, negotiate a contract.

How can I emigrate to USA from the UK?If one invests a substantial amount of money, then he or she can apply for E-2 permit. This money has to support existing or completely new business in the United States of America. Additionally, this refers immigrants only from countries which have a treaty of commerce with the United States for example United Kingdom. If you need solutions for sending money overseas, you can check offer of local FX brokers.

How to immigrate to USA? - tips for students

Generally all UK students who wish to live and study in the United States must get a student passport, either a non-immigrant one for temporary stay, or an immigrant one for permanent residence. Without a student permit you will not be allowed to get your degree in America. There are two different types of the student permit - M1 and F1. To find out which one you need to emigrate you need to decide what you want to study, choose the course and the school. Based on your choice you will be able to establish what type of document you require.

Type of school To immigrate and study you need:

University or college

F visa

High School

Private elementary school


Music School

Another academic institution, including language courses

Vocational or other recognized nonacademic institution, excluding language courses

M visa

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