International Removals to Columbus

If you have just decided to start your new life in Columbus in the USA, whether you are going for long holidays and looking for excess baggage shipping to Columbus or you are emigrating there due to new job opportunity, and need to ship contents of your house, you definitely need services offered by reliable company offering shipping services to Columbus. You don't need to look any further, we provide services tailored to different needs. Regardles of the type of the relocation, be it shipping goods to USA or excess baggage, we can offer budget friendly services.

We can easily adapt to you requirements be it is sending goods to Columbus from London, shipping single boxes or providing furniture removals to Columbus from the UK, and other European destinations. If you entrust your relocation to us, you can be sure that we will take care of your packages and transport them safely via sea or air freight to Columbus.

If you hire us for your removals to USA, we will provide a dedicated coordinator assigned to your relocation to Columbus from UK, he will provide 24/7 support at every stage of your shipping to Columbus, so you can minimize your effort and stress during overseas relocation. Get in touch with us to check how much does it costs to ship items overseas from the UK.

Shipping to Columbus from the UK

UK to Columbus moversIf you are searching for a shipping company to deliver your items from the UK to Columbus, search no further. You are at the right place. We confidently and gladly assure you that we will meet your requirements. We are one of the highly ranked shipping companies with accreditations from recognized bodies and also have dealings with companies that are registered members of British Association of Removers. If you hand over you items to our shipping company to Columbus, be rest assured that it will be delivered to you. We also handle logistics chain from planning of the move to execution of the plan, transportation of the consignment from your home to the port and clearing from the custom as well as delivering to the stipulated address you want. Our UK to Columbus international moving service is a one stop service.

In addition to professional and safe shipping services, we also offer packing and unpacking services, full line of packing supplies, includig moving boxes supply, storage services, valuation protection and any other service you will require in order to make relocation from the UK to Columbus or Chicago a stress-free one.

Why we are different
We have the required experienced and expertise as well as the manpower and equipment to start and complete any UK to Columbus shipping task no matter how small or large it is. Our workers are all professional and well trained. We provide them with regular training to keep them abreast with the industry best practices.

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About Columbus (USA)

Columbus is the 15th largest city in the entire United States of America. It is the largest city in Ohio State and also the capital of the state. In 2014, its population was estimated to be 835,957. Its metropolitan area is regarded as the third largest city in the metropolitan area in the state after Cleveland and Cincinnati. It is the heart of Columbus's City, OH Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) which comprises 10 county areas. It is the third largest in Midwestern region of the country and the fourth largest state capital in the entire country. It belongs to Franklin County which has the city as its seat. It is located at the confluence of the Scioto and Olentangy rivers and was established in 1812 and named after the greater historical explorer, Christopher Columbus who discovered America. It became the capital city of the state in 1816. Columbus has developed and expanded.

Delivering goods to ColumbusThe city has succeeded in establishing a diverse economy driven by many sectors such as education, banking, insurance, government, fashion, aviation, food, defense, logistics, clothes, energy, steel, medical research, hospitality, healthcare, retail and technology. Other high performing industries in the city are the military and telecommunication. In 2012, The Business Week included it in the list of its best 50 cities in the world.

As the capital city of Ohio State and given its diverse and booming economy, it has diverse amenities and infrastructures required to make life enjoyable. It offers a modern city lifestyle. Whether you are traveling there to look for employment or you are going for a holiday, Columbus will meet your requirements. The city offered a lifestyle suitable to people of different status. Whether you are wealthy or not or whether you are there with your family or not, you will find this place interesting in many aspects.

As mentioned above, it has a robust economy that is driven by many sectors. In 2010, Relocate America, a real estate research firm included the city in the list of top 10 best big cities in the US. In 2008, it was ranked the 7th best city to establish a business in the Unites States of America. It has occupied a prominent position in many studies and ranking among other cities in the US. Owing to the presence of different companies and businesses of different sizes, the city was able to overcome the economic recession. Over 70 insurance companies are homed in this city. A good number of firms with nationwide presence are headquartered in the city. Some of these companies are Nationwide Insurance Enterprise, Huntington Bancshares, Inc., Wendy's International, Banc One Corporation, Ashalnd Chemical, Bob Evans Foods Inc., Consolidated Stores Corporation, Borden Inc. and many more. It has a lot of financial institutions and the largest 20 of these institutions have over 400 offices throughout the metropolitan area of the city.

Given the number of companies upon which the economy of the city is based, the residents of the city have plenty of job opportunities. The good thing about the job opportunities is that everybody has the opportunity of getting a better job regardless of the person's skills and areas of specialisation as there are different kinds of companies specialising in the production of different types of goods or in delivering different services. Professional and casual workers stand a chance of getting better jobs. The city has 4.8% unemployment rate which is below the national average. The average monthly disposable salary of workers in the state is $2,121.89USD.

Check shipping costs to Columbus in USA and book our services

Container cargo to ColumbusOur shipping company specializes in offering reliable shipping to Columbus from UK as based on combining the best options of different transportation methods to customize the removals process to your requirements. As a part of you services you can get economy container shipping to Columbus – be it 20ft or 40ft containers – or express air freight for urgent deliveries. We always do some research and finally offer for the most affordable solutions so you our services can meet budget requirements of different clients.

We always offer at least a few different options allowing you to find cheap shipping to Columbus from the UK or removals to New York from UK. It why we always recommend to compare cost of air freight vs sea shipping to Columbus to find out if it will not be cheaper in your case. Sometimes you can split your shipping, and send some items via air – the ones that you may need urgently in your new location, while sending the rest by sea, just to reduce the shipping costs to Columbus from the UK.

Removals from UK to Columbus is not an easy task. It is much more complicated than domestic relocation within the same city or national relocation within the UK. It is why you need services of proven international movers from UK to Columbus. Especially if you are planning house removals to Columbus, which is connected with sending all the items you have collected. It can be easy experience, all you need to do is to call us send your enquiry via our online form, so you can receive an offer tailored to your requirements.

We will check your requirements  and finally offer the best and cheap shipping to Columbus. Apart from transportation services you will also get detailed advice, to make your relocation a smooth, trouble-free experience that will meet your expectations and budget. Compare shipping costs to Columbus and book cheap and professional mover.

Moving to Columbus from UK

If you are flying from UK to Columbus, there are a number of airlines to use their services. Some of the airlines providing flights from the UK to Columbus airport and other nearby airports are Air Canada, Virgin Atlantic, Delta, United American and others. The city major airport is Port Columbus International Airport which is located 1,6 miles or 2,6 kilometers southwest of Gahanna. But there are other international airports close to the city. Typical examples of such airports are Fort Wayne International Airport, Toledo Express Airport, Yeager Airport, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Tri-State/Milton J Ferguson Field, Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport, Akron Canton Regional Airport, Mid Ohio Valley Regional Airport, James M Cox Dayton International Airport. When moving to Columbus, it is better that you follow a flight that will land on Port Columbus International Airport since it is the city's airport. From the airport, you can easily get down to your accommodation.

The cost of flights from the UK to Port Columbus International Airport or to any other airports closer to the city is not fixed. There are a number of factors that determine the cost of flights from the UK to Columbus. Such factors include the airline you use their flight, the period you book your flight (the peak periods are more expensive than off peak period), the day and time you book your flight (flight tickets are more expensive on weekends), the flight distance and time which depends on the airport you are taking off from and the airport you are landing, how far in advance you purchase your flight ticket (most airlines give discounts to people that purchase on time) and your status (some airlines given discount to some people which include students, children and aged).
Check also our moving guide to USA.

Things to do in Columbus

There are plenty of things that you can do during a holiday or visit. Here are some of the things that you can do in this lovely place.

It does not lack of shopping malls, centers and markets where one can spend some cash. Some of the popular shopping destinations in the city are Polaris Mall and Easton Town Centre. These shopping destinations have extensive layouts and virtually, everything is sold in them. So, if you want to shop, it will meet your requirements.

Attending music shows
Life is never boring for fun seekers and music lovers in this place. It has one of the best music and entertainment venues in the region. When it comes to entertainment, the city competes with cities like Indianapolis and Chicago. Some of the popular music and entertainment venues located in central Ohio are the Newport Music Hall, Shadowbox Live, Schottenstein Centre and others. Some of these venues offer concerts on daily basis. So, no matter when you are in the city, you will be able to catch some fun.

A day with the animals in Jack Hanna's Columbus Zoo & Aquarium
Spending a day in Jack Hanna's Columbus Zoo will make sense for animal lovers. It is a home to different animal species including marine lives.

Sporting activities
If you are a sport lover, you should consider joining the local fans in cheering up players of the major league sports homed in the city. There are also indoor sporting facilities in the city. You can also go for golf course.

This has remarkable student populations and thus it also offers student lifestyle. There are about 9374 bars and many clubs in the city. If you are a nightclubbers, there are plenty of clubs that provide nightlife entertainment. The Short North is a nice location to live in.

Reading and researching
If you are a bookworm, you will definitely like to visit the city's library. It has a library system has received high rating consistently. It has also received a National Medal for Museum and Library. You will find any book you are looking for in the library.