Labelling strategy when shipping

When it comes to packing for moving, labelling is very important part of many tasks connected with shipping services to USA. Its importance cannot be highlighted enough. Labelling makes it easy for you to unpack your items and rearrange your new home. If you label your boxes very well, you will be able to find various items and put them where they are supposed to be in your new home or office. But if you do not label your boxes very well, you will spend much time searching for various items meant for particular rooms. In other words, labelling saves your time when you are unpacking your items in your new location.

Our experts are aware of the importance of proper packaging and labelling. This is why they label the boxes of our clients with our strong and quality labelling materials in preparation for moving after crating them. We make use of self adhesive and colour coded labelling system. So, you will not have any problem identifying any of your items.

Whether you hire our shared container moving option or full-container moving, or you choose our baggage shipping to USA, your items will not be misplaced or delivered to a wrong person. We have no history of missing items or misplacement of items. This is possible because of the labelling system we use. If you allow us to pack and label your item for moving, you will have rest of mind that your item will get to the right hands and none will be misplaced.

Labelling services

Labelling boxesOur project move management will work together with you in order to create a proper labelling system for you. All boxes or crates containing different group of items are colour coded with a unique numbering system to help you identify the content of each boxes. The labelling system and colour to be used will be agreed during the planning stage. Our delivery crate will be labelled with the agreed labelling system and colour and will be made available to our staff.

We don’t stop at this stage. We normally go the extra mile as far as labelling is concerned. After filling the crate delivery with the right items, it will be closed and 2 strong adhesive labels are placed on the two ends of the crate for better visibility and easy identification. The label contains proper information that will make it easy for you to identify the content of the items. Here are pieces of information that will be written on the label.

  • Location
    the label will contain clear information about the delivery destination. It will show the area where the items will be delivered, the address of the home, the reference code of the department of where the item is being moved to according to the layout plan.
  • Position
    during the move planning stage, we will agree on a reference number for the workstation where items will be sent. The label will show details of the workstation for easy identification. It will also help us to load your item in the right truck heading for that direction to avoid misplacement or wrong delivery.
  • Name
    the label will also clearly show the name of the owner of the items crated for delivery. It will also contain the contact details like the phone number and email address of the owner for easy contact.

If you have any other information that you will want us to include in the labelling to enable you identify your items, unpack and arrange them in the right place, don’t hesitate to discuss it with us. We are always at your service. Our staff will make sure that the crated items are labelled in the manner it will be easy for you to identify and unpack your items. As expert packers, we can also guide you properly or suggest to you on how best to package and label your item in case you have the least idea on how to go about it.

Our staff will take a look at your various items and then suggest to you the right crate for them. Packing your items in the right crate will help to reduce shocks which are the major cause of break and tears. It also makes for easy labelling of crated items. We have wide varieties of crates for packing of various items such as files, stock, paperwork, breakable items and others.
If you would like to find our average costs of shipping including packing and labelling, you can contact our company to get free moving quote to USA. Check average costs for moving to Phoenix, San Diego or other places from UK.