Motorbike buying tips

Motorbike is a suitable type of vehicle for off road driving or for cruising around the city during a cool evening. There are a number of people that prefer going about or even commuting with motorbike. The buying process of a motorbike is similar to that of a car even though it is not as big as a car. There are certain factors that you should take into consideration if you are out there in search of a suitable motorbike to buy. Below are some tips that you should take into consideration when you want to buy a motorbike.

The type of ride you want

The first factor that you should take into consideration if you want to buy a motorbike is the type of ride you will like to do with the motorbike. Motorbikes just like other types of vehicles are available in a number of types. There are some that are specifically meant for off-road driving. You will also find others that are suitable for picnic, sports, commuting or multiple purposes. So, it is the type of driving that you are doing that will determine the type of motorbike that will serve your purpose.

The size of the bike

Buying a motorbikeIt is important that you consider the size of the bike that you want to buy. Don’t buy a motorbike that is too high for your size. When you sit on the bike, you should be able to stamp your two feet on the ground. If you cannot stamp your too feet on the ground, then it is not a good option for you.

Used or new brand motorbike

You can buy either a new or used motorbike. But the two are available at different prices. New brand motorbikes are more expensive than used ones. However, they have better visual appeal and functionality. So, it is the best option for people that can foot the bill. But if you are on budget, you should consider buying used motorbike.   Some used motorcycles are still in good condition and have enhanced performance, beauty and functionality. Some people sell their used bikes simply because they want to buy another one or they lack money. In other words, you can find a used motorbike that is still in good condition.

Where to buy

There are different dealership whether online or offline selling motorbike. You should look out for a reliable dealership. Take time to research on the reputation of the dealers especially if you are buying online so that you will not fall into the hands of hoodlums or salespersons who are looking for opportunity to take advantage of an innocent buyer. Reliable dealers offer discount and warranty to their buyers since they buy directly from the manufacturers.

If you are buying a used motorbike from a private party or a used motorbike dealership, you should insist on test driving the motorbike. It is advisable that you go with another person preferably a mechanic to help you determine the performance or functionality of the engine. You should also research on the history of the owner to ensure that you are not buying a stolen used motorbike. Some people have innocently purchased stolen vehicles and motorbikes. They are held responsible for a crime that they did not commit or know anything about it. If you perform ownership history, you should also be able to find out whether or not the motorbike is written off by an insurance company.

Check the physical condition of the bike

Take a look at the motorbike especially if you are buying a used motorbike. There are some parts that you should examine. Examine the sprocket’s teeth to see whether they have worn out greatly. You should also check the chain. A good set of chain should not be very loose or making much movement. Take a look at the seat and carriage to ensure they are in good shape. Another part of the bike that you should not forget to check if you are buying preowned motorbike is the tire. Check if the tires have expired. The tread of the tires should also be good. If the tires are not good and you still want to buy the motorbike, ask for a discount and then replace the worn out tires. Alternatively, you can ask the seller to change them by himself. Check the brake and the clutch levers when you are test-driving the motorbike to make sure they are in good condition.

Negotiate on the price

Whether you are buying new brand or used motorbike, you should aim at getting a good deal. However, you have to price the vehicle reasonably and be realistic when bargaining. You can annoy the seller by pricing too low. Before pricing the motorbike, you have to make some inquiries. Take time to research on the market value of the type of motorbike you want to buy. Knowing the price will help you to know when the dealer is deceiving you.

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